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Welcome to my site,

Maria José, born in 1966 in the capital of Spain, Madrid.  Actually , and for more than ten years she is living in the province of Zuid Holland and previously lived in Rome for seven years.

Maria is a self-taught artist, adventurous and curious, she loves to create new things from her inner fantasy.

Through the art she wants to express everything that inspires her;  the light,  bright colors, nature and the magic, connecting the apparent world with the invisible, building the harmony in her creations.

Maria wants to convey the inner beauty inherent in the soul of the human being “the feminine power expression”, with the desire to reach the audience deeply.

She is convinced that all the energy that get printed in each work can also be seen and received by the viewer.

In her work process,  she works in a very intuitive, impulsive and experimental way.

She is also fascinated by everyday scenes, people, their different races, cultures, the diversity, the color of their outfits, the natural landscapes of each place on earth, the intriguing lines of expression and vibrant colors that form simple compositions of great interior complexity.


MariaFergo Art is the place of inspiration to project my passions and share with all art lovers everything that inspires me, the magic that hides behind the apparent world,  and that connects everything invisible to give rise to the form.  

Maria works with national and international art galleries, she had exhibited in international contemporary art fairs in Europe,  last year she exhibited her art in  Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Cordoba, Breda, Brussel, Rome, Berlin, Marbella, Brussels, and Kortrijk  

You can find also her works also in the worldwide Art platforms | Artsy |  and Artsper 

Jaar Boek Kunstenaars 2024, Revisarte magazines ...

Live the life you dream of!!!!! and enjoy the trip! 


Maria J.


Last Exhibitions 2022/2024

Maria Jose Fernández Gómez
Arte Contemporaneo

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